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Software Engineering


Defense Systems

We support the entire lifecycle of advanced weapon systems. Emphasis in design, development, testing, and oversight. We are highly skilled in the development of fire control systems, target acquisition and tracking systems, launchers, as well as ground stations. OAR also supports our defense customers with expertise for entire acquisition life-cycle include contractor oversigh, milestone reviews, and product acceptance. OAR also represents the defense community on standards (Commercial and Military) development bodies lending expertise in the definition and integration of the standards into current and future DoD assets. Our list of defense related customers includes AMCOM AMRDEC, PM SUAS, AMCOM SED, ASA(ALT), PM SHORAD, AMCOM SED, TACOM TARDEC, TACOM ARDEC, MDA, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, DCS, SAIC, CSC, AMS, and Boeing.

Commercial Systems

OAR provides software engineering and development services to the commercial sector ranging from device driver development to complete application design and implementation. Our flexibility allows us to offer engineering services to simply augment your development team or to provide a complete turn-key software solution.

Training and Simulation

OAR has developed interactive trainers and simulations that are utilized in various manners in preparation for battlefield deployment. We have implemented trainers which provide the look and feel of the actual weapon system interface enabling the soldier to get hands-on experience in a safe training environment. We have also created software simulations utilized to provide a controlled mechanism for testing purposes. The Avenger ICOFT Trainer and Dual Mounted Stinger Trainer were both developed with significant input from OAR.

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