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FACE Technical Standard Experts

Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE)

“Enable affordability, interoperability, and time-to-field across military systems”

The FACE Approach is a Government and Commercial Industry joint strategy for avionics systems that combines technical and business practices. The FACE Technical Standard is an open, non-proprietary specification that characterizes the FACE reference architecture, segments, and interfaces.

As a member of the FACE Consortium since 2016, OAR personnel have been among the principal authors of every major edition of the FACE Technical Standard (TS). We continue to support customer interests by providing subject-matter expertise and by serving in leadership positions within the FACE Consortium Technical Working Group. OAR has published papers at several FACE Technical Interchange Meetings (TIM) and participated in many BALSA Integration and Test Session (BITS) Events. Through skilled system engineering and software development practices, OAR has developed portable, reusable software solutions based on the FACE TS. Our customers trust and rely on us to help them leverage the FACE Technical Standard to achieve their business and technical goals.

OAR has FACE Expertise in:

  • FACE Technical Standard Advancement
  • - Prime authors
    - Architectural design
    - Interface identification and specification

  • FACE Software Development
  • - BALSA (Basic Avionics Lightweight Software Archetype) – example implementation of the FACE Reference Architecture
    - RRADE (Reusable, Reconfigurable Avionics Data Exchange) – modular FACE TSS solution
    - TOGA (The Open Group Architecture) – architectural design of the FACE computing environment including all segments

  • FACE Conformance
  • - Expert leadership and support personnel for the Army FACE Verification Authority (VA)
    - Extensive experience with the FACE Conformance Test Suite (CTS)
    - Vast knowledge of the FACE Conformance Verification Matrix (CVM)

  • FACE Consultation
  • - FACE architecture design
    - UoC/UoP (Unit of Conformance/Portability) porting and lifecycle support
    - FACE migration of non-conformant applications
    - MOSA (Modular Open Systems Approach) benefits and strategies for applying the FACE Approach
    - FACE conformance support