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OAR Supporting PM UAS TOGA Ground Control Station Development

OAR is supporting the Army’s Project Management Office for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (PM UAS) by providing Army COE (Common Operating Environment) and FACE (Future Airborne Capability Environment) expertise to the TOGA (Tactical Government Owned Architecture Ground Control Station) Ground Control Station (GCS) team. The goal is Army COE and FACE conformance to achieve maximum portability and interoperability of the government owned unmanned air vehicle (UAV) ground control station to achieve agile acquisition and warfighter capability deployments supporting the portfolio of small UAVs. PM UAS is part of the Army’s Program Executive Office (PEO) for Aviation with a mission to provide our nation and its allies world class unmanned aircraft systems that are interoperable with Army, joint and collaboration partners and that are made affordable through excellence in program management. The office provides a Total Army perspective for the life cycle management of the Army’s unmanned aircraft system program including development, acquisition, testing, systems integration, product improvements, production, fielding, and logistical support. PM UAS directly supports the core mission of Army unmanned aircraft systems to provide tactical commanders near real-time, highly accurate, reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition (RSTA). This mission includes weaponization, communications relays, specialty payloads and linkage to manned aircraft.